Available Grants

There are four awards available:

  • The UK-only Study Travel Grant has been expanded into new areas for the first time, including conferences, study fees (short skill or competency based courses only), and purely conservation-based projects.
  • An UK-only Study Travel Grant special award for an heather-related project is also available for the first time.
  • The Green Recovery Award is aimed at young horticulturists interested in growing their practical experience in sustainable horticulture and conservation horticulture, including the role of horticulture in UK habitat restoration.
  • The Health & Wellbeing Award will allow award recipients to explore the impact of horticulture on society, particularly the links between gardening and health.

New application requirements have been implemented, with relevant sections added to the application form/s:

  • Applicants will be asked to consider social distancing principles, safe travel guidelines, and to restrict their travel to regions/areas to try to reduce transmission exposure: double vaccination with booster will be required for all successful applicants.
  • All applicants must also consider the environmental footprint of their tour and to seek the most sustainable travel as possible (with due consideration given to pandemic guidelines).

All application forms are available as Word documents. If you would like to receive a different format, please contact the Secretary.

Please read the application guidance notes below before downloading and completing an application form.

How To Apply:

  1. Read the eligibility criteria and guidance notes (see below) carefully to ensure you and your intended project qualify;
  2. Fill in all parts of the Application Form;
  3. Email your application to the Secretary with your name as the file name;
  4. Ensure your two referees email their references as attachments to the Secretary: your application will not be considered until both references have been received.
*You must allow a minimum of four weeks from submission of your application to the start of your project (see Guidance Notes for more detailed information). Please also note that a decision will not be made immediately after submission: there may be a delay of up to three weeks to allow the Trustees to review applications. Submissions will only be considered by the Trustees once both references have been received.

Report Guidelines:

If your grant application has been successful, you will be required to produce a report of your visit. While there is no set template for this, we do offer some advice via the guidance document below. So if you are unsure what is required, read the guidance or get in touch!