Available Grants

Schachen Alpine Garden Grant

Pre-COVID, we offered one young horticulturist the opportunity to spend 2-3 weeks working in this world renowned garden in the mountains close to Munich. We are pleased to say that this grant returned in 2023. More information below. Applications for 2023 are now closed. Please come back later this year for information on 2024.

Europe-only Travel Bursary

A travel bursary for young horticulturists wishing to pursue a number of different opportunities in the UK and across Europe. Grants of up to £1,500 are available to support travel, internships, work experience, research and conferences. More information below. There is no deadline – rolling application window so apply when you are ready!

How To Apply:

  1. Read the eligibility criteria and guidance notes (see below) carefully to ensure you and your intended project qualify;
  2. Fill in all parts of the Application Form;
  3. Email your application to the Secretary with your name as the file name;
  4. Ensure your two referees email their references as attachments to the Secretary: your application will not be considered until both references have been received.
*You must allow a minimum of four weeks from submission of your application to the start of your project (see Guidance Notes for more detailed information). Please also note that a decision will not be made immediately after submission: there may be a delay of up to three weeks to allow the Trustees to review applications. Submissions will only be considered by the Trustees once both references have been received.


Report Guidelines:

If your grant application has been successful, you will be required to produce a report of your visit. While there is no set template for this, we do offer some advice via the guidance document below. So if you are unsure what is required, read the guidance or get in touch!